About Us

Knockout B.O. company pic

                                                             Photo courtesy of: Kevin Keeler Photography

Knockout BO was born out of a pressing need - a quest for a real alternative to traditional antiperspirants for my family. As my children entered the tumultuous world of puberty, the unwelcome companion of body odor came knocking. Literally.

My eldest would break out in rashes using conventional brands, and my youngest, who battles eczema, couldn't even consider regular deodorants. So, we turned to natural deodorants, hoping for a solution. But alas, none of them seemed to go the distance. Hours passed, and the odor would return, leaving us feeling defeated.

We tested multiple brands, and they all fell short. One even left me feeling like I had soap suds under my arms after mere minutes of wear - not the kind of comfort we were seeking. And worse yet, they couldn't keep the dreaded body odor at bay for long.

That's when I took matters into my own hands. After diving into the world of natural deodorant creation, I became increasingly convinced that I could craft something better. Through trial and error, with myself as the eager test subject, I struck gold. Yes, a true 'Boom' moment.

We've honed that initial breakthrough, and now we proudly offer the product you see today. As a native of St. Thomas, USVI, now operating out of Georgia, USA, I'm delighted to bring you a product that outshines anything I've ever encountered on the market. Our natural deodorant packs a punch, effectively KO'ing body odor. That's why we're Knockout BO - because we're here to give the 'KO' to 'BO.' #givetheko2bo